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Starý Plzenec – the former Old Pilsen
Elevation: lowest point: 310 m, highest point: 567 m (Radyně summit)
Population: 4,600
Welcome to Starý Plzenec, the cradle of history for the Czech nation. This town is the original “Pilsen” and was established in the picturesque Úslava River valley in as early as the 10th century.
The oldest written record of the town is dated 976. A ducal fortified settlement from the Přemyslid dynasty stretched out over the top of Hůrka Hill. This “Old Pilsen” soon became Bohemia’s largest administrative centre after Prague and home to eight churches. Besides Prague, no other town in Bohemia commemorates to so many churches. The foundations of St Lawrence and St Cross Churches have been preserved to the present day, as has the pre-Romanesque Saints Peter and Paul Rotunda (national cultural landmark)from the late 10th century, the oldest preserved sacral structure in Western Bohemia that has remained whole. To this day the city is home to the originally Romanesque Nativity of the Virgin Mary Church with its unique series of frescos from 1351; the 14th century St John the Baptist Church; the Baroque Marian Column from 1721; the Empire-style fountain from 1856 and the Town Hall from the mid-1800s.
The ruins of the Radyně Royal Castle are a dominant feature in the Pilsen Region. Originally named Karlskrone (Charles’ Crown), it was founded by the King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV in the latter half of the 14th century.
Iron started to be produced in nearby Sedlec in the 19th century, forming the basis for the Škoda Works in Pilsen.
The town of Starý Plzenec cordially welcomes all who would like to learn more about its exceptional wealth, enjoy an active holiday and take advantage of a wide range of high-quality services. Accept this invitation to the region under Radyně,filled with unique historical landmarks and a major site of geological findings and natural reservations … and the place where Bohemia Sekt was born.